About PMA International

  PMA International strives to be at the forefront of international trading and has quickly developed as an effective company with an effective business model. By letting us take care of all of your needs we better deliver your product to the macro and micro consumer. This immediately reduces the cost of paying various companies to essentially break up the harmonious distribution of your product that PMA International seeks to keep intact. At various stages of the of the distribution channel various marketing and brand image problems arise due to what we may refer to as 'distortion'.

  PMA International seeks to enhance it's commitment to clients providing a fast and secure link for trading. We now offer freight services in order to safely transport our clients' products to main-port destinations worldwide. In addition PMA International has set up a new company, Liaison Group, with the purpose of providing international marketing campaigns for our clients products.

Our Products are now classified in three divisions:
  • Standard Products - The framework for the Standard Products division includes furniture, beverages, food and spices to name a few.
  • Industrial Machinery - We offer an environmentally friendly industrial machine capable of recycling, increasing energy conservation and the effectiveness of your waste management
  • PMA Signature Products - We present high quality vintaged wine from Argentina, Spain and Italy and gourmet foods such as Italian made honey.
  We are members of the Canada-UK Chamber of Commerce, the Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce and the American Chamber of Commerce.

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