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Pictures Wood Machine

Pictures Wood Machine Wood Dryer
"Bricchetta B90"     "Wood Dryer"
La Brichetta:

- Is useful for production plants using metal or woods.

- Has clear environmental benefits. There are NO tradeoffs.

- Promotes efficient processing and waste minimization.

- Is unique in demonstrating environmental leadership in its' market.

- Creates non-treated burnable logs, which burn hotter than regular logs, thus creating the possibility of re-sale to consumers.

- Helps avoid costly fines that may result from woodwaste mismanagement.

- Clears up microscopic waste particles that are dangerous when inhaled. This improves workers safety and potential moral.

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Wood Machine  Wood Machine  Wood Machine  wood machine  Wood Machine  Wood Machine  wood machine  wood machine  wood machine  wood machine  wood machine  Wood Machine  wood machine  Wood Machine 

Visit M.A.C Officina to see full list of machinery.

Visit M.A.C Officina to see full list of machinery.

M.G.M. Motori Elettrici S.p.A

    La Brichetta waste compacting machines contain MGM Mottori Motors - a leading international industrial machinery motor maker. MGM Mottori motors are CSA certified. MGM Mottori has an office located in Montreal, Quebec to ensure that your Brichetta machine receives any needed technical support in a swift manner. The motors used in the Brichetta machine produce from 7.5Hp to 15Hp depending on the Brichetta machine in question.
  For more information about MGM Mottori motors click here.
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