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The Press Room showcases the media work that PMA International has completed. Included are Press Releases that we sent to media channels on behalf of our clients. These have resulted in great success. Also included are advertisements and editorials that we have written. We are planning on getting articles that are written about our products on to this website within the next few weeks. Please check back for updates.

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Toronto - July 22 / 2013

Debates and discussions on how ingredient quality and taste change the taste of a finished dish continues unabated among professionals and foodies. By now, most North Americans know that olive oil is healthier than other fats, especially butter, but there are still many unanswered questions before arriving at a definitive answer. Olive oil comes from a variety of soils, different species, processes, and quality levels. The best is extra virgin olive oil (aka EVOO), which contain less than 1 per cent acidity, followed by virgin ( 1 1.5 per cent acidity), olive oil (1.5 2.5 per cent acidity, and pomace oil (more than 2.5 per cent acidity). Read more...

New 30/01/07  
24 Hour Toronto Magazine
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New 21/12/06   Bakers Journal Article

New 21/11/06   Food Navigator USA
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New 5/11/06   Innovations in Food Technology
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New 22/11/06   Food Product Design
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New 15/12/06   Wine Enthusiast
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Toronto Life Magazine         Wine Spectator
  Alchemy Baking           Vinifera for Life

Guelph Food Technology Centre
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Hrayr Berberoglu - Food Critic.
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New 23/11/06   Food Holland
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Captain Fit - fitness for kids
('Perfect Fit' TV show on TV network)

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La Bricchetta Ad!

( La Bricchetta ad in "Recycling News" magazine edition.)

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  La Bricchetta Vinifera For Life
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Old News Archive
03.04.08 - Queens Pasta debuts new Products at Toronto CFRA Food Show ! read more...
06.16.07 - Gourmet Expansion (Anchovies Pate)!
03.21.07 - Food Show Success (Montreal)!
01.12.07 - Food Exhibition (Montreal)!
10.19.06 - Vinifera flying high!
6.22.06 - Vinifera For Life in the GTA Market read more...
4.13.06 - La Bricchetta - Baum Publication ad,
3.17.06 - New product distribution "Vinifera For Life,
1.12.06 - Revolutionary wood/metal compressing machine,
9.25.04 - PMA expands into UK market,
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